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  • (KF Special Lectures on Korea)관련이미지
    KF Special Lectures on Korea
    • Date : 2018-04-19

    The Korea Foundation annually organizes the KF Special Lectures program, covering Korean politics, economics, society and culture to meet the growing demand for Korean studies and promote Korea-related education at universities abroad.

  • (Korean Language and Culture Learning Program for Diplomats)관련이미지
    Korean Language and Culture Learning Program for Diplomats
    • Date : 2018-04-19

    Under the Korean Language and Culture Learning Program for Diplomats, the Korea Foundation invites foreign diplomats and civil servants to Korea for intensive trainings on Korean language and culture to improve their Korean language proficiency to the level required for Korea-related work and to enhance their understanding of Korea.

  • (KF Revisit Korea Program)관련이미지
    KF Revisit Korea Program
    • Date : 2018-04-19

    With an aim of maintaining a network of foreign leaders well-versed in Korean affairs, the Korea Foundation re-invites distinguished individuals and next-generation leaders who previously visited Korea through the Foundation’s invitation program over the past decade and made significant progress in their respective careers since then.

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