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RemoteCall Service

RemoteCall Service
Date 2014-01-21 Writer 관리자 Count 15928

RemoteCall Service

  • RemoteCall Service provided by www.rsupport.com uses safe technology and is designed to better connect with our customers and support them in resolving KF Application Portal issues.
    • - RemoteCall Service functions only with your permission.
    • - RemoteCall Service safely protects againt a third party stealing your data during service.
    • - Because our staff will be controling your PC during this time, please keep watch over the entire procedure when receiving service.
    • - During the RemoteCall Service, you may disconnect at any time as shown in the image below.

RemoteCall Service

  • If you agree with using RemoteCall Service, click the "Request RemoteCall" below. A KF staff will then guide you through the next procedures.
  • [Request RemoteCall]

RemoteCall Service
MOON Hyun-Youn (Senior Program Officer)
Tel : +82-2-2151-6547
e-mail : hymoon@kf.or.kr

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