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[Publication Support] National Treasures of Korea Series

[Publication Support] National Treasures of Korea Series
Date 2013-08-23 Writer 관리자 Count 4063

National Treasures of Korea

The foundation has published books on important historical artifacts, entitled “Fragrance of Korea” and “Eternal Images of Sakyamuni” With an abundance of photographic images, the publicaitons are an especially valuable Korean art resource for English-language readers.

  • Fragrance of Korea
    Fragrance of Korea : The Ancient Gilt-Bronze Incense Burner of Baekje
    • Year : 2005
    • 140 page / 227x 300(mm)
    • ISBN: 89-86090-23-6

    Fragrance of Korea is an extensively illustrated English-language catalog featuning the Gilt-Bronze Incenser Burner of Baekje.
    The ancient artifact has been designates a National Treasure of Korea (No. 287]and acclaimed as the consummate metal-craft masterpiece of East Asia for its exquisite detail and elegant beauty.
    The book includes 100 pages of photographs and illustrations

  • Eternal Images of Sakyamuni
    Eternal Images of Sakyamuni : Two Gilt-Bronze Korean National Treasure
    • Year : 2008
    • 136 page / 227x 300(mm)
    • ISBN: 978-89-86090-29-1

    This English-language catalogue features two gilt-bronze pensive images from the Three Kingdoms period (37 B.C.-668 A.D.) of Korea, which are Korea’s National Treasure No.
    78 and No. 83. With an abundance of photos and insightful essays, it provides an indepth introduction to these ancient masterpieces of Korean Buddhist art.

  • Gold Crowns of Silla
    Gold Crowns of Silla : Treasures from a Brilliant Age
    • Year : 2010
    • 144 pages / 227 x 300mm
    • ISBN: 978-89-86090-38-3

    The book introduces the gold crowns and related articles excavated from five royal tombs: the Great Tomb at Hwangnam, Heavenly Horse Tomb, Gold Crown Tomb, Auspicious Phoenix Tomb, and Gold Bell Tomb. The descriptions are accompanied by numerous photographs and related details. In addition, three insightful essays by art history scholars are included, which explain the gold culture of Silla, significance of Silla gold crowns, and historical background of Silla’s exceptional culture.

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