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[Publication Support] Korean Cultural Heritage Series

[Publication Support] Korean Cultural Heritage Series
Date 2013-08-23 Writer 관리자 Count 3969

Korean Cultural Heritage Series

This four-volume English series is primarily a compilation of the articles from previous issues of Koreana, a quarterly magazine on Korea’s culture and arts published by the Korea Foundation.

  • Korean Cultural Heritage I
    Korean Cultural Heritage I - Fine Arts
    • 1994 / 300 pages / 223x 310mm
    • ISBN: 978-89-86090-06-6

    Though Korea has often been thought of as little more than a cultural bridge of China and Japan, Korea boasts a rich and varied history of art. As works of arts inevitably retain something of the social and cultural background in which they are created, Fine Arts, introduced here by experts in detail, proves the beauty and originality of Korea’s fine arts.

  • Korean Cultural Heritage II
    Korean Cultural Heritage II -Thought and Religion
    • 1996 / 269 pages / 223x 310mm
    • ISBN: 978-89-86090-08-2

    Thought and Religion describes how Buddhism, Confucianism, village rites, shamanism, and modern religion have contributed to the spiritual outlook of the Korean people, along with explaining the origins of various Korean religions.

  • Korean Cultural Heritage III
    Korean Cultural Heritage III - Performing Arts
    • 1997 / 256 pages / 223x 310mm
    • ISBN: 978-89-86090-11-2

    Korea’s performing arts have yet to be widely exposed to Western audiences. Performing Arts provides an overview of Korea’s traditional and contemporary performing arts, in regard to its cultural roots, development, and manifestations in modern society

  • Korean Cultural Heritage IV
    Korean Cultural Heritage IV - Traditional Lifestyles
    • 1997 / 264 pages / 223x 310mm
    • ISBN: 978-89-86090-13-9

    Based on a belief that the entire country was an extension of the family, respect for one’s parents and the nation was a fundamental principle of everyday Korean life. This can be seen in the rites of passage, architecture, clothing, and food and drink, as presented in Traditional Lifestyles

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