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    Alonso Torres & Lenin Izaguirre


    | France |

    ※ Everyone is discovered. Both Lenin and Alonso are classically trained and experienced instrumentalists, but this never kept them from studying jazz and participating in diver-image: none; vertical-align: baseline;" src="http://www.kf.or.kr/namo/binary/images/002016/20170724170852318_YJDI8FE4.jpg" alt="" />
      ed musicians in various musical genres, incl. traditional Turkish music, Turkish Pop, New Age and Jazz, both live and during studio recordings. In 2011, Baran rh as plastic tubes, drums, bottles, among others. It’s as part of the Sonidos del Agua Project, an innovative initiative implemented since 2014 in Paraguay by the Sonidos de la Tierra program, in order to raise awareness of water care by promoting concrete actions to preserve and protect water through the formation of 52 H2O orchestras, and the realization of workshops and environmental actions in 44 communities in Paraguay around their basins or water sources. In 2016, H2O Sounds of Earth was named aia concept is a direct homage to Miles Davis. In 2006, Laroo was honored with the Montreux Jazz Award, and in 2010, she received the Karmaveer Puraskaar Award, an Indian peace prize, in acknowledgement of playing a concert in India despite travel advice to the contrary in the aftermath of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. As Laroo states, “Music can help to bridge any divides.”

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