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2017 KF Gallery Open Stage 5 Concert by Bolivian Guitarist Piraí Vaca

Date 2017-09-12 Event period 2017-10-26 ~ 2017-10-26 Read 1358

2017 KF Gallery Open Stage 5 - Concert by Bolivian Guitarist Piraí Vaca 볼리비아 기타리스트 피라이 바카 콘서트/ 2017. 10. 26.THU. 7 P.M. / 한국국제교류재단 갤러리 미래에셋 센터원 빌딩 서관2층

“... an excellent choice by the John F. Kennedy Centre for the Arts
for one of the best players of the guitar in Latin America...”

- The Washington Post, Washington DC, USA -

2017 KF Gallery Open Stage 5

Concert by Bolivian Guitarist Piraí Vaca
볼리비아 기타리스트 피라이 바카 콘서트

The last concert of this year’s KF Gallery Open Stage season features classical guitarist Piraí Vaca from Bolivia. Piraí Vaca is internationally recognized as one of the best Latin American guitarists and has received the prestigious National Prize for Music awarded by the Association of Writers, Plastic Artists and Musicians of Bolivia. At the forthcoming KF Gallery Open Stage concert, he will perform a variety of musical pieces, from traditional tunes of Bolivia and Latin American melodies of Argentina and Cuba to works by Spanish and British composers. Coinciding with the exhibition of works by famed Bolivian painter Mamani Mamani at the KF Gallery, the concert will be a great occasion to fully enjoy the arts and culture of Bolivia.


Isaac Albéniz
이삭 알베니즈
Rumores de la caleta
칼레타의 소문
Joaquín Malats
호아킨 말라츠
Serenata Española
스페인 세레나데
Francisco Tárrega
프란시스코 타레가
Capricho árabe
변덕스러운 아랍사람
Jorge Luna
호르헤 루나
Alma Cruceña (Arr. Piraí Vaca)
십자가의 영혼
Jorge Luna Leo Brouwer
레오 브라우어
Paisaje Cubano con Campanas
종소리들로 가득 찬 쿠바의 풍경
Quique Sinesi
키케 시네시
Cielo Abierto
열린 하늘
Gilberto Rojas / Tradicional
질베르토 로자스 / 전통음악
Guadalquivir (Arr. Fernando Arduz)
Alfredo Domínguez
알프레도 도밍게즈
Gary Ryan
게리 라이언
Benga Beat
벵가 비트

* The Program is subject to change without advance notice. (About 60 minutes)


October 16, 2017 (2:00 pm) – October 19, 2017 (6:00 pm)


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October 20, 2017 (3:00 pm)
Go to the Notice Board of the KF Website for a list of the confirmed attendees.


KF Gallery | 02)2151-6520 / kfcenter@kr.or.kr / www.kf.or.kr




피라이 바카 | Piraí Vaca

Piraí Vaca is one of the best known and most admired Bolivian musicians, loved by audiences and music critics alike, both nationally and internationally. In recognition of his international career, he is one of the few Latin Americans to be granted the “Fellowship of the Americas”, awarded by the prestigious John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington. In his own country, he has been awarded the “National Award for Music”, Bolivia’s most prestigious prize that is conferred by the Association of Writers, Plastic Artists and Musicians.
The United Nations for Youth have designated Piraí Vaca as the “Most Outstanding Bolivian Living Abroad”; he was named “World Class Bolivian” by the Latin American Press Association and the Bolivian Association of Press Workers; and he has been acknowledged as the “Most Successful Bolivian Abroad” by the Escuela Europea de Negocios, the European Business School in Bolivia. He has received the “Recognition for Artistic Endeavour and Bolivian Integration” from the Municipal Governments of El Alto, La Paz, Potosí and Montero, and the Gold Medal from the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz, awarded to illustrious citizens.
He was also elected “Outstanding Young Bolivian” by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, to mention just some of the many prizes he has been awarded.
Born in Bolivia, Piraí Vaca studied with Jesús Ortega at the Instituto Superior de Arte, or University of Arts, in Havana, Cuba, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in music with a specialty in guitar and a postgraduate degree in Renaissance music, winning the prize for the most outstanding graduate of the year. He continued his studies with Manuel Barrueco in the United States, and subsequently with Hubert Käppel at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany.

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