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  • Date 2017-06-12 Event pertween Sri Lanka and the Republic of Korea. The festival presents five internationally acclaimed films by Sri Lankan film directors using different genres a, 222);"> by June 21.]

    For a Son (Per un figlio)

    Directed by Suranga Deshapriya Katugampala (2017)
    Duion: 96 minutes / Rated: 18
    Language: Sri Lankan / Subtitles: Korean, English
    When a university profe Title of Film June 23 Friday 20:00 Teatre1 (11 Fl.) Singing Pond June 24 Saturday 15:00 ART2 (10 Fl.) Dirty, Yellow, Darkness 17:30 ART2 (10 Fl.) Notice

    - Please check each film’s rating before applying for tickets.
    - You may apply for tickets for all fi 정신이 피폐해져 가는 인물들을 다룬 영화를 주로 만들었으며, 비선형적 내러티브와 점프컷 등 다양한 연출시도로 영터는 스리랑카 콜롬보시의 ‘유러피안 영화제’의 큐레이터 역할을 수행하였습니다. 더불어서 지난 12s follow-up film, “Flying with One Wing” (Tani tatuwen piyabanna), which won awards at film festivals in San Sebastián, Tokyo and Turin, bothla Suri, a national honor awarded for special contributions to the development of the arts, by the President of Sri Lanka; and in 2002, she received the Bunka Award by the Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Cultural Fund.

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