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1st KF Korea Workshop 2017

Date 2017-04-19 Event period 2017-05-19 ~ 2017-05-20 Read 2678

1st KF Korea Workshop 2017

The Korea Foundation Global Center invites you to participate in the first KF Korea Workshop of 2017.

Theme: Building a Foundation for the Future
Date: May 19-20, 2017 (Friday 1:00 pm to approx. Saturday 7:00 pm)
Venue: Goseong DMZ, Gangwon Province
Eligible Applicants: Foreign Residents (Non-Korean nationality) in Korea
Language: English / Korean (Korean-English interpretation will be provided)
   ※ Departure site: KF Global Center, Seoul, Korea

This KF Workshop program includes lectures, a field trip, and group activities around the DMZ area.

1. 모집부문 및 채용인원
Date Activity
May 19 (Friday)
Departure: 1:00 pm
Seoul → Goseong
Briefing by policy specialist on the significance of Korean unification
Q&A session with North Korean refugees
May 20 (Saturday)
Return to Seoul:
Approx. 7:00 pm
Inter-Korean Transit Office (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Briefing Session and tour of CIQ Traffic & Railway facilities)
Unification Observatory
Hwajinpo (Former President Syngman Rhee’s retreat; late North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung’s summer villa, etc.)
Goseong → Seoul

※ Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances determined by the local military authorities.

Application period

April 20-26, 2017

Announcement of confirmed participants

April 28, 2017 (Friday)

- Confirmed participants will be announced on April 28 (after 3:00 pm) on the KF bulletin board and notified via email. To access the KF bulletin board, select “Get involved” on the top menu on the KF website and click on “Announcement” on the left-hand side menu.

Before applying for this workshop, please read the following information.

- Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

- Participants are required to attend the entire program. (Selective participation in only some items on the itinerary is not possible.)

- The program includes visits to military facilities such as the DMZ and CIQ Traffic & Railway facilities. Therefore, all applicants must submit a copy of their passport and bring their passport along to the workshop, should they be selected as participants. Please note: passports must be valid for the days of the workshop.

- If your reservation is confirmed, you are going to find your name on the bulletin board on April 28 (after 3:00 pm). Should you not be able to attend the workshop, please contact us via email (kf_lecture@kf.or.kr) until May 2 (Tuesday) so that other applicants can participate in your stead. Please note that anyone failing to attend the workshop without prior notice is subject to refusal of admission for upcoming KF workshops and events.

- Confirmed participants will be notified individually by e-mail of the meeting time and place.

- The KF will provide round-trip transportation, shared accommodation for one night, and meals for all participants.

- The program and scheduled activities are subject to cancelation or postponement in case of any unexpected circumstances or security alerts.

- The maximum number of workshop participants is 40. Should the KF receive more than 80 applications, the application link will be removed.

- KF will notify selected participants individually via email and ask them to confirm their participation by a set deadline (to be confirmed). If any of the selected participants fails to respond in time, they will automatically lose their placement. The KF will then reallocate any open slots to applicants on the waiting list.

* For additional information, please email to kf_lecture@kf.or.kr .


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