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“Latvia. Architecture at Convergence” Exhibition Opened at KF Gallery

Date 2019-05-10 Event period 2019-05-08 ~ 2019-05-08 Read 315
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“Latvia. Architecture at Convergence” Exhibition Opened at KF Gallery
On May 8, 2019, the Korea Foundation hosted a ceremony at the KF Gallery in Seoul to celebrate the opening of "Latvia. Architecture at Convergence," an exhibition to commemorate the centennial of Latvian independence. The exhibition was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Seoul and the Korea Foundation. Prior to coming to Seoul, the exhibition toured many cities in Japan. The exhibition in Korea provides the general public with an opportunity to explore the distinctive styles and traditions of Latvian architecture.
“Latvia. Architecture at Convergence” Exhibition Opened at KF Gallery
The opening ceremony began with a welcoming speech by the KF’s Executive Vice-President, Mr. Kim Seong-in, followed by congratulatory remarks by H.E. Mr. Peteris Vaivars, the Latvian Ambassador to South Korea, and architect Dr. Ilze Paklone.
KF Executive Vice-President Kim Seong-in / Latvian Ambassador Peteris Vaivars / Architect Dr. Ilze Paklone / Heads of foreign diplomatic missions in Seoul
Showcasing some 50 photos, archival materials, books and timelines of both Latvia and Korea, the exhibition introduces the architecture of Latvia through ten key words.

Latvian architecture stands out for its remarkable cultural harmony created from the convergence of indigenous traditions of the Baltic tribes, heterogeneous cultures brought in from the outside, and the national identity of contemporary Latvia. The exhibition intends to enhance visitors’ understanding of Latvian culture and history, which may still be somewhat unfamiliar to the Korean public.
"Latvia. Architecture at Convergence" Exhibition Opened at KF Gallery
The exhibition continues at the KF Gallery until Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Admission is free of charge.

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