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[ACH Events: July 2019] Easy Access Malaysia

Date 2019-08-20 Event period 2019-07-25 ~ 2019-07-28 Read 90
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[2019 ACH 7월의 행사] '알기쉬운 말레이시아' 현장스케치
In cooperation with the Embassy of Malaysia in the Republic of Korea and Tourism Malaysia, the ASEAN Culture House (ACH) hosted Easy Access Malaysia 2019 from July 25–28.

The program began with the ASEAN Travel Workshop - Malaysia on July 25, featuring travel writer Chae Ji-hyung. Chae is the author of travel books such as "I’m a Travel Writer from Today" and "1994–2014 Travel Memory,” and frequently speaks on travel-related topics. She shared with the audience her vivid experiences of and information on trips to Malaysia and talked about the country’s various charms.
유소프가자작가/말레이시아 동화작가

Also invited to the ACH was Yusof Gajah, a Malaysian children's book author with special ties to Korea. He hosted an event at which Korean children joined him in experiencing Malaysian culture through creating paintings of elephants.
Famous for his whimsical elephant illustrations, Yusof Gajah is a winner of the Noma Concours, one of the most prestigious picture book awards in the world. He is well-known as a children's book author in Asia and Europe and communicates with young readers around the world through the elephant illustrations in his books.
부산특별프로그램/말레이시아 동화 작가, 코끼리 할아버지와 함게하는 그림놀이, 말레이시아 디저트 시식회
The Art Class by Yusof Gajah was held in the ACH’s Community Hall on July 28. Korean children and their families participated in the class, which began with the author narrating "At the Foot of the Hill," one his major works. He then spoke about the world of his books and painted colorful elephants together with Malaysian dessert tasting.
말레이시아 동화와 함께하는 바틱 컬러링 교실/말레이시아 전통요리교실
Other cultural experience programs were held on July 27, beginning with Coloring Batik with Malaysian Fairytales, an event featuring Zakiah Mohd Isa, batik (traditional Malaysian fabric dyeing) artist and wife of Yusof Gajah. The event provided participants of all ages and genders with a fun and informative opportunity to easily learn batik techniques.

A traditional Malaysian cooking class followed, offering a delicious taste of the familiar yet unique flavors of Malaysian cuisine as instructor Norhyati from Malaysia demonstrated to Korean participants how to cook Malaysian-style nasi goreng and kuih keria.
놀이마당/원화전시,유소프 가자, 한국을 만나러 온 코끼리/말레이시아 놀이마당
Other events also took place in the ACH’s Community Hall so that visitors could experience some of the wonders of Malaysia. An exhibition entitled Yusof Gajah, The Elephant Coming to Meet Korea showcased the author’s original illustrations and books. Meanwhile, a Malaysian Culture Play Zone featured some of Malaysia's traditional games.

The ACH hopes that Easy Access Malaysia helped all visitors and participants feel closer to Malaysia through cultural exchange. The Easy Access ASEAN program will continue to be held on a monthly basis, introducing the cultures of Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam in turn during the second half of this year. As always, your interest and participation in these programs are deeply appreciated.

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