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    window.onload(document.title = "Interview with Jisoo M. Kim, Director, George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies:re }else if(type == "wifi"){ opensns += "http://me2day.net/posts/new?new_post[body]="; opensns += "\""+snsTitle+"\":"+snsUrl; opensns += "&new_post[tag Read 137 Interview with Jisoo M. Kim, Director, George Wof the petition system and the formation of the legal culture overall. <br />
<br />
<b>What made you take a special scholarly interest in the gender and legal versity Program for Korean Studies Directors’ ing social sciences, in the region. We think an accurate knowledge about Korea is vital to map out the right policies on Korea and so we are working?</b><br />There seems to be a worrisome trend among Korean Studies promoters of concentrating their support on certain institutes. This results in repeat backitart -->

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