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KF Cheonggyecheon Music Festival 2015

Date 2015-11-23 Event period ~ Read 1313
Hello! This is my second posting following the first one I made yesterday.
2015 KF 청계천 음악축제
Today, I would like to talk about the KF Cheonggyecheon Music Festival held at Habit Square by the Chenggyecheon creek! For detailed information about the festival, please click the following link!
2015 KF 청계천 음악축제 : 헿 오늘의 두번째 소식! 지금 알려드리는 소식은 휴일을 보내기에 더할 나위 없이 좋은 축제 소식입니다~ 아래 포스터부터 봐주세요!

The Cheonggyecheon Music Festival is hosted by the Korea Foundation (KF), an organization of international exchange and public diplomacy!
I arrived there just a few minutes after 7 on Friday evening, and they were still in the middle of a rehearsal.I said hello to some of the KF staff members.
I got a free cup of coffee from the left side and took a seat. Although I arrived there around the time the performance began, I could sit in the third row!
It was evening so it was a little bit cold, but many people came to see the performance. :)
A publicity video about the Korea Foundation was played right before the show began. Thanks to it, many people could see what the Foundation was doing!
Of many publicity scenes, this is the only shot I got…ha ha ha…
Still, it may be one of the most important scenes, I guess. :)
Watching the publicity video, I noticed it was already 7:30! And the performance began right on time.!
The first artist on stage was Pascal Schumacher. He was from Luxemburg! He performed together with his colleagues as a team. ~
I will show you some of the photos of their performance
The man on the far right is Pascal Schumacher!
This is a vibraphone. At first I thought it was xylophone…It was the first time I have ever heard the sound of the vibraphone. He played the vibraphone very well and it sounded really great!
Led by Pascal Schumacher, other artists played the bass, the piano, and the drum in such wonderful harmony. :)
They played three pieces of music. Their teamwork was really great. They have probably played together for a long time!
I liked the vibraphone and also the drum..!
I could not take a photo, but, the drummer placed a plastic sheet on the drum!!! It was beyond my imagination.
The rustling sound of the sheet got mixed into that of the drum, and it created a really fantastic atmosphere!
I took a video of their last performance but could not upload it…I will try it again later!

[video clip]
It took 6 minutes and 9 seconds to encode, so, it took some time. I hope you will understand!
Following these guys, the next singer on stage was~~
Miryan Kostadinov!!
I wonder if you can remember what I said in my last posting. I said I would go to the festival to see this guy…
Anyhow, I saw him in person!
He was ‘really good-looking’…ha ha
Uniquely, he introduced himself in Korean!
He even pronounced the words so articulately!
Later he said in English that he was grateful to the Korea Foundation for inviting him to the Festival and it was his honor to represent Bulgaria. :)
Thank you, KF!
And he began to sing. Wow.He began to sing and what came out from him was a tremendously deep and full voice…!
His voice was quite different from what I expected from his image. I found it immensely attractive!
I wanted to hear him more but I could not stay there till the end because I had a previous engagement.
On my way out, I saw Pascal Schumacher!!! I said hello to him!!!
I even took a photo with him!!!
He is also really handsome…
After taking a photo, I told him I really enjoyed his performance. I also said I was involved in publicity activities for the Korea Foundation!
Then he talked about Facebook!
So I plucked up the courage to open my Facebook page and send him a friend request. I was worried that he might think I was some kind of a weirdo, so I sent him a photo of his performance at the festival and a Facebook message wishing he would have a great time in Korea.
He accepted my friend request, and even sent me a reply of thanks....
He posted my photo with my name on it!!!
Wow…I was so touched.
I was really sorry to miss the rest of such a wonderful performance because of a previous engagement.
It is the last day of the festival today. Many great artists will be on stage today as well.
I strongly recommend you to go and enjoy the performance at either 3:30 or 7:30 p.m.!
Jazz is not so popular a genre in Korea and you may feel it somewhat unfamiliar.
But once you go there, you will think it is what men and women of all ages can easily enjoy!
Do not miss the last performance of the festival. ~~

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