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Message from the President

Welcome to the Korea Foundation website.

The Korea Foundation is committed as always to connecting our many friends in the global community through serving as a bridge between Korea and the world.

Since its establishment in 1991, as the representative public diplomacy organization of the Republic of Korea, the Korea Foundation has implemented various activities such as the provision of support for Korean studies overseas, global networking, cultural exchange and media programs to help people around the world enhance their understanding of Korea, building lasting friendships.

The Korea Foundation has rendered support for the establishment of 131 Korean studies professorships at 90 prestigious universities in 16 countries, as well as the opening of Korean art galleries at 28 prominent museums in 10 countries to date. In addition, the Korea Foundation has invited close to 10,000 leading figures to Korea, and distributed Korea-related books and materials to close to 150 libraries in 70 countries.

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Furthermore, as the sole public diplomacy organization designated by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in pursuant to the Public Diplomacy Act, the Korea Foundation launched its Public Diplomacy Academy programs to encourage Koreans to participate in public diplomacy activities. Through these efforts, the Korea Foundation is consolidating its position as Korea’s leading organization specialized in public diplomacy. In particular, we will significantly expand policy and public diplomacy targeting the United States in light of the importance of ROK-U.S. relations in the face of mounting tension on the Korean Peninsula. In addition, we plan to increase understanding of Korea by adopting innovative approaches tailored to the unique cultural characteristics of our many diplomatic partners, including ASEAN and India.

In compliance with the Korean government’s policy to relocate public organizations from the capital area to other regions of the country, the Korea Foundation will move its current headquarters from Seoul to Jeju in 2018. This will allow the Korea Foundation to implement diverse international exchange programs across Korea, based on the tripartite structure of the new headquarters in Jeju, the KF Global Center in Seoul, and the ASEAN Culture House in Busan. The Korea Foundation is leading efforts to connect the Korean people with the world, promoting greater awareness of all that Korea has to offer and building international friendships. Your support can play a vital role in enabling the Korea Foundation to become an international exchange organization loved by all members of the global community.

Thank you very much.

Sihyung Lee
The Korea Foundation

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