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The Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators


The Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators provides secondary-school teachers and education administrators outside of Korea an opportunity to promote understanding about Korea and broaden the scope of Korea-related education in classrooms.


Education and research organizations abroad (including universities and research institutes) or Korea-related exchange organizations
※ Domestic organizations in Korea are not eligible to apply. They may, however, participate as a cooperator in charge of arranging workshop participants' trip to Korea when overseas organizers include a visit to Korea in their workshop program.

>> Workshop Participants
Overseas secondary school educators, education administrators, textbook writers and others involved in education
※ It is recommended that the number of workshop participants be at least 30 of which 70 percent be occupied by teachers of history/social studies.

Eligible Areas

Korean studies workshops at home and abroad
>> Workshops required to include the following programs and activities:
- Korean studies lectures by Korea experts (language, culture, society, education, politics, economy, international relations, etc.)
- Requisite sessions on development of Korea-related lesson plans and on how to teach Korea
- Cultural and other relevant activities
※ When workshops include a visit to Korea, lectures are required to be offered in home countries, and cultural and field trip activities in Korea.

Support Details

Costs for inviting lecturers (honorarium, accommodations and transportation), employing administrative staff, producing source books or PR materials, organizing preparatory meetings, and accommodations for workshop participants
※ Applicant organizations or workshop participants are required to be responsible for local transportation costs or airfare to Korea.

Support Period

>> Workshop duration: One to three days
※ When the proposal includes a local workshop followed by a visit to Korea, the former is required to last no more than three days and the latter seven days.

Evaluation Criteria

(1) Goals/objectives and expected outcome of proposed projects
(2) Organizers' capacity (including competence in Korea-related programs and activities)
(3) Excellence of proposed projects
(4) Reasonable and appropriate budget planning (including cost-sharing)


Responsibilities of the workshop organizer
(1) Within a month after the end of the workshop, the organizer is required to submit a report, including an expense report with receipts and other documentation attached, using the Foundation's report form.
(2) The organizer is required to cooperate in monitoring workshop participants' Korea-related follow-up activities.

How to Apply

Please refer to program announcements each year for further details.

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