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The Global Public Diplomacy Network (GPDNet) is an association of public diplomacy organizations around the world to implement cooperative projects to promote cultural diplomacy and the global public good.


(1) GPDNet shares outstanding cases of public diplomacy organizations' activities and accumulates relevant knowledge.
(2) GPDNet builds a system of cooperation among public diplomacy organizations to consolidate project mechanism and create synergistic effects.
(3) GPDNet develops joint projects to contribute to generating common interest for the world beyond national interest.
(4) GPDNet promotes active discussion on public diplomacy, thereby enhancing local and international understanding about public diplomacy activities.

Country / Institution

Country / Institution
1 Poland   Adam Mickiewicz Institute 
2 Hungary   Balassi Institute 
3 Portugal   Camões Institute 
4 Republic of Korea   Korea Foundation 
5 Philippines   National Commission for Culture and the Arts 
6 Nigeria   National Institute for Cultural Orientation 
7 Singapore   Singapore International Foundation 
8 Sweden   Swedish Institute 
9 Turkey   Yunus Emre Institute 
10 Taiwan   Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange 
11 Qatar   Cultural Village Foundation-Katara 
12 Mozambique   CADE-Communidade Academia para o Desenvolvimento 
13 Lithuania   Institute of the Lithuanian Language 

Projects in 2017

(1) Joint project: Photography exhibition "Bright, Passionate and Beautiful! - Art for a Better Place"
    ∙ Period: Dec. 26, 2016 ~ Jan. 24, 2017 / Apr. 22 ~ Jun. 6, 2017
    ∙ Venue: KF Gallery, Seoul, Korea / Andong Culture and Art Center, Andong, Korea
    ∙ Description: The exhibition presented about 100 photographs of volunteering activities in Vietnam, taken by five photographers from Turkey, the Philippines and Korea.

(2) Joint project: "Tales for Everyone" Festival
    ∙ Period: Apr. 19 ~ 23, 2017
    ∙ Venue: Ankara, Turkey
    ∙ Description: GPDNet members shared their countries' traditional stories through storytelling.

(3) Fourth Annual Assembly
    ∙ Period: Oct. 19 ~ 22, 2017
    ∙ Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
    ∙ Description: GPDNet members gathered to share outstanding cases of public diplomacy projects, discuss joint projects and accept new members.