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Support for Diplomatic NGOs


With an aim of creating supportive atmosphere for Korea in the international community and promoting citizen diplomacy, the Korea Foundation provides support to private organizations in Korea for their activities to increase international exchange and friendship. .


- Non-profit organizations in Korea, registered in Korean government ministries and local governments
- esearch institutes or academic associations affiliated to national or private universities in Korea
- Organizations satisfying the eligibility criteria set by the Foundation

Eligible Areas

- Activities to promote proper understanding of Korea in the international community
- Events to contribute to cooperation and the development of relations by building networks of opinion leaders in various fields
- Events to contribute to active international exchange through cooperation with relevant organizations
- Various types of international exchange activities, including projects using SNS and mid- and long-term projects, education projects, multi-cultural projects, international conferences, etc.

Support Details

Evaluation Criteria

- Is the project appropriately planned, organized, and related to the government's policy and the Foundation's mission?
- Is the applicant organization qualified and able to undertake the project?
- Is the project specific? Does the project have any outcome management plans or follow-up measures?
- Is the budget properly planned?