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Ongoing Program

  • 2017 KF Gallery Open Stage 4 Aisha Syed Castro Violin Recital
    [Performances] 2017 KF Gallery Open Stage 4 Aisha Syed Castro Violin Recital

    For the fourth concert of the 2017 KF Gallery Open Stage series, the Korea Foundation is delighted to present violinist Aisha Syed Castro from the Dominican Republic, who also acts as an Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for her country.

    • Date : 2017-06-07
    • Event period : 07.18(TUE)~07.18(TUE)
    • Application period : 07.10(MON)~07.13(THU)
    • Announcement : 07.14(FRI)
  • [Invitation] KF-JBCIA Theme Field Trip
    [Lectures] [Invitation] KF-JBCIA Theme Field Trip

    The KF Global Center is glad to announce the “KF-JBCIA Theme Field Trip” for foreign residents in Korea, organized in collaboration with the Jeollabuk-do Center for International Affairs (JBCIA).

    • Date : 2017-06-05
    • Event period : 06.30(FRI)~07.01(SAT)
    [Exhibitions] ESPRESSO DESIGN

    The ESPRESSO DESIGN exhibition, promoted jointly by the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul and the Korea Foundation, with the support of MUMAC, the Cimbali Group’s Coffee Machine Museum, aims at spreading Italian coffee culture through the technology and design evolution of Italian espresso coffee machines.

    • Date : 2017-06-05
    • Event period : 06.05(MON)~07.06(THU)
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