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Ongoing Program

  • 2018 KF Global Film Week -August
    [Movie] 2018 KF Global Film Week -August

    The Korea Foundation cordially invites you to the August screenings of the KF Global Film Week at the KF Global Center.

    • Date : 2018-07-16
    • Event period : 08.01(WED)~08.29(WED)
    • Application period : 07.25(WED)~07.27(FRI)
    • Announcement : 07.30(MON)
  • 2018 KF Global Cultural BridgeⅠ
    [Exhibitions] 2018 KF Global Cultural BridgeⅠ"Land of the Pacific Embrace"

    The Korea Foundation and the Embassies of the four Pacific Alliance countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru) present the "2018 KF Global Cultural BridgeⅠ- Pacific Alliance Festibal 올라! Hola!"-a multifaceted cultural event that covers exhibitions, performances and film screenings, commencing on June 21 and concluding on August 17.

    • Date : 2018-06-14
    • Event period : 06.21(THU)~08.17(FRI)
  • 2018 KF Global Film Week
    [Movie] 2018 KF Global Film Week

    In order to promote a better understanding between Koreans and foreign residents in Korea, the KF is screening diverse global films at the KF Seminar Room in cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions and cultural organizations.

    • Date : 2018-04-26
    • Event period : 05.02(WED)~12.19(WED)
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