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Carleton University in Canada Opened Korean Language Minor Program

Date 2020-09-16 Read 152
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Carleton University in Canada Opened
Korean Language Minor Program
Starting from September 2020, Carleton University, located in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, offers a minor program in Korean language for third-year students. With the addition of Korean to the list of language minors, first- and second-year students also showed an increasing interest in Korean and a total of 242 students enrolled in ten Korean language classes.
The number of students for Korean language courses drastically increased, although the overall number of students on campus as well as that for other language courses considerably decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It reaffirmed local students’ passion for and interest in Korean language and culture.
The Korea Foundation has been providing support to Carleton University for the employment of teaching faculty to help a larger number of students learn the Korean language. It is hoped that the opening of the Korean language minor program enables Carleton University to continue educating the next generation of Korea experts who will play a bridging role in relations between Canada and Korea.
Facebook photo of Carleton University’s Korean and International Society

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