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Explore Korea, Visit KF Program

Explore Korea, Visit KF Program

The Korea Foundation invites you to visit the KF Global Center. The “Explore Korea, Visit KF Program” provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the Foundation’s programs and to explore the cultures of Korea and the world through exhibitions and a variety of cultural activities. Any group of international students in Korea, or from overseas institutions with an interest in exploring Korea or learning about the Korea Foundation is welcome to apply for the “Explore Korea, Visit KF Program.”

How to Apply

Please contact us at least one month prior to your visit through e-mail(visit@kf.or.kr) and KF Homepage.
*Application form is available at KF Homepage(www.kf.or.kr).

download the application form


Available dates to visit KF for this program can be determined based on discussion and mutual agreement of your group and the Korea Foundation.

Activities Description Venue
Introduction of Korea Foundation Overview of Korea Foundation (Q&A) KF Global Center
Exhibition Docent-led tour of exhibition at KF Gallery
*Available only during the period of an exhibition event
KF Gallery
Special Lecture/ Field Trip
1) Special Lecture on Contemporary Korea KF Global Center
2) Visit cultural sites, hands-on activities (traditional handicrafts / Korean food, etc.) Upon Request

Foundation’s Support

Program coordination, honorarium for special lecture presenter, translator & field trip Guide for any field trip, etc.
*Ground transportation and cultural activity expenses (admission/participation fee) are the responsibility of the participants.

Confirmation of Applicant’s Program

- Based on your application, a KF program officer will contact you to confirm the program schedule and related activities.
- For any activities at sites outside the KF Global Center, the applicant must arrange for the transportation. The KF may provide partial support for the cultural activities, depending on the particular circumstances.
- If the number of the applicants is less than 10 people, it is not available to schedule the program.


KF Global Center / Tel. +(82)-2-2151-6533 / E-mail. visit@kf.or.kr