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KF Global Center

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Program for Koreans & Foreigners


Under the Koreans & Foreigners Program, the KF Global Academy conducts two-way exchange activities between Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea, and organizes special lectures and seminars on Korea. The program is designed to help expatriates in Korea have a proper understanding about Korea and share feelings with Koreans through culture.

Programs Results (2015~)

Programs Results (2015)
1st KF Special Lecture April 20, 2015 Seminar Room, KF Global Center
Launch Ceremony of Koreans & Foreigners Program April 21, 2015 KF Gallery
KF-Embassy of Canada Special Lecture for Young Students 'Make Friends with Canadian Authors' July 23, 2016 Seminar Room, KF Global Center, KF Gallery
Reunion in Korea: KF Lectures for Peace Corps Volunteers September 12-14, 2016 Somerset Palace Seoul, Seminar Room, KF Global Center
KF-US Embassy Special Lecture ‘Inscape of Beauty-David Lachapelle’ 19-Nov-16 Seminar Room, KF Global Center
KF Special Lecture with Brazil Cultural Center in Korea 20-Apr-17 Seminar Room, KF Global Center