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“Global Hallyu 2017” Charting the Popularity of Korean Culture in 112 Countries Published by the Korea Foundation

Date 2018-01-17 Event period ~ Read 2002
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“Global Hallyu 2017” Charting the Popularity of Korean Culture in 112 Countries Published by the Korea Foundation
- Status of the Korean Wave Surveyed in Cooperation with the R.O.K. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Missions Abroad
- Compared to 2016, the Number of Surveyed Countries Increased to 112 to Include Bhutan, Angola and Zimbabwe
Global Hallyu 2017 (four-volume set)
Global Hallyu 2017 (four-volume set)
The Korea Foundation has published “Global Hallyu 2017,” a comprehensive report on the current status of Hallyu, charting the popularity of Korean culture around the world. Compared to the 2016 issue, the latest edition includes new information on the Korean Wave in Bhutan, Angola and Zimbabwe, increasing the total number of surveyed countries to 112. In addition to assessing the current status of the popularity of Korean culture worldwide, “Global Hallyu 2017” provides information on each country’s cultural features, visa regulations and travel safety tips, serving as an invaluable resource for those interested in experiencing firsthand the rise of Hallyu abroad.

Although Hallyu witnessed a moderate downturn in China due to Chinese government restrictions, the Korean Wave continued to expand its influence in other Asian countries in 2017. North American Hallyu fan clubs saw a notable increase in their numbers, especially in the United States, while Hallyu communities in Central and South America and Europe maintained their popularity from 2016. Hallyu saw a comparatively modest influence in the Africa and Middle East regions as a whole, yet they enjoyed a remarkable increase in popularity in select countries such as Ethiopia.

Hallyu’s rise in 2017 was not without its difficulties, but overall it exhibited continued growth, further cementing its position at the heart of the global village.

The Korea Foundation publishes all this and more in e-book format, making “Global Hallyu 2017” available to all readers interested in the Korean Wave.

Click here for Global Hallyu 2017 >>> http://ebook.kf.or.kr/

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