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This is where you can tell the foundation president how you feel about our work and operations or what you want to see improved. To ask general questions about our work or activities, please refer to the Q&A section.
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President's Message
No Title Writer Date Processing Open
24 Korea's Eurasia Initiative (Nordpolitik) in 2020 Andy Niederdeppe 2020-04-19 Done
23     Reply[RE]Korea's Eurasia Initiative (Nordpolitik) in 2020 2020-04-28
22 Eligibility question about the KF Fellowship for Postdoctora... Christopher Laurent 2019-12-25 Done private
21     Reply[RE]Eligibility question about the KF Fellowship for Pos... 2019-12-27 private
20 In need of guidance Alexandre Erre 2019-12-18 Done
19     Reply[RE]In need of guidance 2019-12-19
18 Please advise Дмитро 2019-12-12 Done private
17     Reply[RE]Please advise 2019-12-23 private
16 the TTP grant에 관하여 권나영 2019-08-12 Done private
15     Reply[RE]the TTP grant에 관하여 2019-08-19 private
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