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The Korea Foundation is playing a leading role in making Korea known to the world and also making friends for Korea around the globe through its implementation of programs covering various areas including Korean studies abroad, cultural and art exchange, public diplomacy, publication, and media.
The Korea Foundation is your trusted partner for introducing Korea to the world with your valued contribution.
The Korea Foundation will do our utmost to fulfill its role as a leading public diplomacy organization of Korea.
Yet, The Foundation needs participation from the general public and the business sector in order to improve the status of the Republic of Korea in the international community.

Your contribution makes Korea greater.

Donation Programs


The twenty-first century is an era in which not only corporate identity or a product's image but also a country's cultural and academic status can produce important value. Therefore, helping people around the world deepen their understanding about Korea has become an important means of enhancing the national identity Korea and strengthening Korean companies' competitiveness. The Korea Foundation has been implementing programs to make Korea-related areas more prominent at overseas universities, museums, libraries and other institutions in which leading members of the international community are the denizens, thereby furthering their understanding of Korea. With increased requests for support, however, The Korea Foundation finds it difficult to accommodate many requests because of its relatively small budget. In addition, overseas Korean studies programs and Korean galleries still are in great need of improvement, especially in comparison with Chinese and Japanese studies and galleries. For example, at the most prominent universities in the US there are dozens of tenure-track professorships and chairs for both Chinese and Japanese studies, whereas Korean studies has two or three professorships at most, and at other universities in the US and the world the ratio is even worse. Hence, there is a great need for active support from both individuals and businesses. Donations to overseas academic and cultural programs specifically designated by corporate donors will contribute to enhancing corporate image, and subsequently Korea's image in the long term and more efficiently than any kind of advertising activities.

General Donation

A donation that does not specify the donee or the terms will be used for one of the many worthy and diverse programs of The Korea Foundation.When a donor wishes to make a donation to support specific activities such as Korean studies abroad and cultural exchange but lacks information or finds it difficult to select the most worthy or appropriate institution or program, these problems can be resolved by availing himself or herself of the General Donation Program of The Korea Foundation.

Designated Donation

When donors want their donations used for specific programs in specific regions or countries, The Korea Foundation offers its professional service to ensure those programs are thoroughly taken care of from the beginning to the end, including any necessary follow-up measures. In the case of a Designated Donation, an agreement is signed by the donor, the donee, and The Korea Foundation in order to specify the terms and conditions of the donation and each party's obligations. In addition, the supported program can be named at the discretion of the donor.

Representative Designated Donation Cases

  • - Yoon Se Young Professor of Korean History established at Harvard University, U.S.A. (SBS Culture Foundation)
  • - Korean textbook development for learners of Korean in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Vietnam (KB Kookmin Bank)
  • - Endowment for Korea-related research and education in social sciences at Harvard University, U.S.A. (YBM Sisa)
  • - Renovation of Korean galleries and acquisition of contemporary Korean art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, U.S.A. (Amore Pacific)
  • - Establishment of Korea Grant at the George Bush Presidential Library (Poongsan, Hyundai, Kumho, LG, Kolon, and Ssangyong)
  • - Endowment for exchange between Korea and Vietnam (Samsung)

Donation Benefits

The Korea Foundation has been officially designated as a "Statutory Donation Acceptance Organization" (valid until the end of 2022 and renewable) under the Enforcement Decree of the Corporate Tax Act (amended in July 2011). Therefore, The Korea Foundation offers tax exemption benefits to donors.
When donations are made through a program of The Korea Foundation, the donors are entitled to tax deductions of up to 50 percent for corporations and 100 percent for individuals.

The Korea Foundation is a representative public diplomacy organization of Korea and as such supports overseas Korean studies, cultural exchange, and public diplomacy activities.

The Korea Foundation will assume the responsibilities of keeping a donor informed in detail about the specific use of their donated funds, as well as the results of a supported program. Therefore, a donation via The Korea Foundation can be more reliable and transparent than a donation directly made to the donee. Furthermore, The Korea Foundation has a great deal of institutional knowledge and experience in dealing with many international organizations; thus you will benefit from these ongoing relationships, such as the security and trust that is engendered.