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Past Donations

Designated and General Donations in 2018

Designated and General Donations in 2018
Donor Beneficiary Project Amount
Yulchon LLC Harvard Law School, U.S. Research on Korea and international organization-related law $30,000
Anonymous Boston College, U.S. Korean studies courses and program $250,000
Anonymous Brown Univ., U.S. Endowment for Korean studies $100,000
Anonymous Harvard Univ., U.S. Korean studies research and academic activities $800,000
Friends of Thacher Thacher School, U.S. Korea-related program $29,000
Korean Alumni Association of the Univ. of Michigan Univ. of Michigan, U.S. Students’ visit to and studies in Korea $100,000
Anonymous Cornell Univ., U.S. Korean studies program $100,000
AmorePacific Corporation British Museum, U.K. Conservation of Korean paintings £99,700
Friends of Deerfield Deerfield Academy, U.S. Korea-related program $20,000
Anonymous CSIS, U.S. Korea Chair and Korea-related program $500,000
Korea-U.S. Alliance Foundation Korea Defense Veterans Association, U.S. Korea-related program $350,000
Anonymous Yale Univ., U.S. Korea-related program $100,000
Anonymous Belfer Center, Harvard Univ., U.S. Korean security project $500,000
Se Ung Lee Rhode Island School of Design, U.S. Korea-related program $100,000
Anonymous Harvard Univ., U.S. Students’ visit to Korea $36,000
Simone Acc. Collection/
Eun Kwan Park/ In Sil Oh
Concordia Language Village, U.S. Establishment of Korean Language Village $5,000,000
Bae, Kim & Lee LLC Harvard Law School, U.S. Korea-related program $30,000
Ban Ki-moon Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, Austria Korea-related program $100,000
Jung-En Oh Dalat Univ., Vietnam Scholarship for Korean language $1,000
POSCO East-West Center, U.S. Korean studies fellowship $44,977
Yun Yeo-jin Korea Foundation KF International exchange activities ₩240,000
Tasan Cultural Foundation Univ. of Hamburg, Germany; Sichuan Univ., China; Yanbian Univ., China “Anthology of Yeoyudang” 3 copies