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Establishment of Professorships


The KF provides financial support for efforts to create new professorships in the field of Korean studies and Korean language at various universities abroad that are equipped with the infrastructure necessary to maintain an adequate level of research and education on Korean studies and have future growth potential.
Under this program, the KF funds the establishment and operation of two types of professorships : (1) the Tenure Track Position, in which the recipient university agrees to permanently maintain the position from its own resources after the termination of the KF’s support, and (2) the Endowed Chair position, in which the recipient university operates a permanent professorship with the KF through a jointly created endowment fund..


Overseas universities to establish professorships in Korean studies or Korean language

Eligible Areas

Korean studies (in the fields of humanities and social sciences) or Korean language

Support Details

- Tenure Track Position (TTP): The Foundation provides a maximum of 70 percent of salaries¹ and fringe benefits² for a professorship in Korean studies/Korean language.

₁ Salaries to be paid to a newly employed faculty member according to the University's standard pay table

₂ Fringe benefits (or social welfare expenses) which all employers should pay to their employees in pursuant with central/federal (or local) government's law or pertinent regulations

- Endowed Chair: The Foundation and the university create endowment on a matching fund basis for the establishment of a professorship in Korean studies/Korean language.

Support Period

3~5 years

Evaluation Criteria

1. Excellence of the proposal: Does the proposal meet the program objectives? Is the proposal well organized? Are the participants of the proposed project highly qualified?

2. Qualification of the applicant institution: Does the applicant institution retain a high level of public confidence at home and abroad in pertinent areas? Has the applicant institution been active in Korea-related programs and activities? Is the applicant institution competent in implementing the proposed project?

3. Reasonable budget planning: Are reasonable criteria used in budget planning? How large is the portion of funds covered by the applicant institution?

4. Expected effects: Are expected results and effects of the proposed project realistic and specific?


Cancellation of support The Foundation may cancel the decision of support when the grant recipient university and the Foundation fail to reach an agreement regarding the establishment of a professorship.
Requirements for Position Holder ο Should concentrate on Korea-related teaching and research (more than 50 percent of working time), and use materials in Korean as primary sources of research
ο Should publish research results in English and (if possible) in Korean
ο Should be fluent in Korean if he or she teaches humanities subjects
Notification of any changes in the proposal Any changes in the proposal (including cancellation or postponement) after the submission of the application should be notified to the Foundation.
Revision of the proposal When deemed necessary, the Foundation may ask the applicant to supplement or revise parts of the proposed project.
Disbursement of Grant Once the final grant decision is made, the Foundation discusses details, including the budget, and signs an agreement with the grant recipient university before remitting the grant.
Submission of reports The grant recipient university should submit reports (including financial reports signed by its accounting officer) to the Foundation annually during the period of support.

How to Apply

Please refer to program announcements each year for further details.

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