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Employing Teaching Staff


The KF provides financial support to universities abroad seeking to hire contract faculty members (non-tenure track) with the goal of creating or expanding their Korean studies or Korean language program.


Universities abroad which currently operate or plan to launch an educational / research program in Korean studies or Korean language

Eligible Areas

Korean studies (humanities or social sciences) or Korean language

Support Details

Partial funding for the salary of a new faculty member in accordance with the university's standard pay table
※ Housing expenses, salaries for assistants or secretaries, administrative cost and indirect cost are not covered by this fellowship grant.

Support Period

One year

Evaluation Criteria

Excellence of the proposal: Does the proposal meet the program objectives? Is the proposal well organized? Are the participants of the proposed project highly qualified?

Qualification of the applicant institution: Does the applicant institution retain a high level of public confidence at home and abroad in pertinent areas? Has the applicant institution been active in Korea-related programs and activities? Is the applicant institution competent in implementing the proposed project?

Reasonable budget planning: Are reasonable criteria used in budget planning? How large is the portion of funds covered by the applicant institution?

Expected outcome: Are expected results and effects of the proposed project realistic and specific?


Notification of any changes in the proposal Any changes in the proposal (including cancellation or postponement) after the submission of the application should be notified to the Foundation.
Revision of the proposal When deemed necessary, the Foundation may ask the applicant institution to supplement or revise parts of the proposed project.
Disbursement of the grant Once the final grant decision is made, the Foundation discusses details, including the budget, and signs an agreement with the grant recipient institution. The grant is remitted after the agreement is concluded and a new contract faculty member is employed.
Implementation of the proposed project The grant recipient institution should implement the proposed project during the pertinent academic year, and should consult the Foundation about any indispensable postponement or cancellation of the project.
Submission of reports The grant recipient institution should submit reports, including financial reports signed by its accounting officer, to the Foundation within a month after the end of the grant period.

How to Apply

Please refer to program announcements each year for further details.

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