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Postdoctoral Fellowship


The KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research is designed to support rising scholars who have recently earned a PhD of a Korea-related topic to undertake a full-time research at a university or research organization.


Scholars who have recently earned a doctoral degree in the humanities, social sciences, arts or culture on a Korea-related topic and correspond to the following profiles:
- Scholars with non-Korean citizenship or permanent residency status in other countries
- Scholars who have not been hired as a full-time lecturer or higher at a university or a full-time researcher at a research institution
- Scholars who obtained a doctoral degree within the past five years
- Doctoral candidates scheduled to receive a doctoral degree by the time they sign a fellowship agreement with the Foundation

Eligible Areas

Research activities including the revising of one's doctoral dissertation for publication

Number of Awards

Approximately ten per year

Support Details

Annual research stipend (to be determined by the Foundation in consideration of actual costs)

Fellowship Period

Twelve months (Fellowship start and end dates to be decided in accordance with the academic year)
* Fellowship grant is disbursed in three installments (50%, 40% and 10%) and the second and third installments are awarded after the receipt of mid/final reports.


- During the fellowship period, recipients must conduct research at a university (or a research institution) outside of Korea that offers a Korean studies program, has faculty members in the fields of their research interest, and houses Korean library collections.
- Fellowship recipients may not conduct research at the university from which they obtained their doctorate.
- Fellowship recipients may not hold concurrent fellowships from either the Foundation or other institutions during the fellowship period.
* When fellowship recipients receive any other grant from other institutions, they must reimburse the grant they have received from the Foundation so far.
- Fellowship period may not be postponed to the following year.
- Fellowship recipients may receive the KF Postdoctoral Fellowship only once. Former KF Postdoctoral Fellows are not eligible to apply for the same fellowship program again.

Responsibilities of Fellowship Recipients

(1) Full-time research
- Fellowship recipients must devote the fellowship period to their research as stated in their proposals. They may teach at the affiliated institution to the extent that teaching activities do not interfere their research activities. (limited to one course per term)
(2) Participation in academic activities at the affiliated institution
- Fellowship recipients must reside in the city of their host institution and participate in various Korea-related academic activities.
(3) Submission of a report
- Within 15 days after the end of the fellowship period, recipients must submit a report on their research activities during the fellowship period, using the Foundation's report form.
(4) Further reporting
- After the fellowship period expires, fellowship recipients must report to the Foundation any research achievements, major activities and any change in their academic career.
(5) Publication
- Fellowship recipients must revise their dissertation during the fellowship period and publish it as a book or a research paper within five years after the end of the fellowship period.

How to Apply

Please refer to program announcements each year for further details.

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