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Professional Support and Exchange

Korean Art Workshop for Overseas Curators


With the aim of promoting active Korea-related programs and activities at the Korean galleries of overseas museums, the Korea Foundation invites foreign curators in charge of Korean art collections to Korea. Through the workshop, the curators are provided with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and information needed for the proper management and utilization of their museums’ Korean collections and to build networks with relevant experts both in and outside of Korea.


Curators in charge of Korean or Asian arts and relevant figures at overseas museums

Dispatch of Visiting Curators to Overseas Museums


The Korea Foundation dispatches Korean curators to prominent museums abroad for the efficient operation of their Korean galleries and collections.


- Those with sufficient proficiency in English or the language of the host country
- Those without any reason for disqualification from an overseas position
- Those with the recommendation of the head of their own organization
- Those with the nationality of the Republic of Korea
※ Please refer to individual program announcements for further details

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