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Next Generation Leaders Program

The Foundation implements various programs for next generation leaders to maintain and promote international exchange efforts on a continuous basis, and strengthen exchange of such young leaders who will play leading roles in the future.

Invitation of Next Generation Leaders by Region

The Foundation invites young leaders from regions with which Korea has had relatively limited exchanges thus far, or where it needs to promote exchanges and cooperation in the future in addition to countries such as the United States, Japan and China. Those regions include Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and the Pacific, CIS, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East. Such invitations contribute to building future-oriented networks among overseas young leaders and their Korean counterparts.

Invitation of Next Generation Leaders by Region
Invitation of Next Generation Leaders by Region
Invitation of U.S. Congressional Staff

The Foundation invites U.S. Congressional staff in political sectors and staff in economic & trade sectors working on Korean peninsula-related legislation. During their one-week stay in Korea, the invitees enhance the scope of mutual understanding through visits to the National Assembly of Korea, research institutes and other relevant organizations, and meet with government policymakers to discuss matters of mutual interest in security, economy and trade.