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Youth Exchange Program


The Korea Foundation strives to improve international understanding of Korea, strengthen mutual ties and friendships among young people, and help them develop a better understanding of one another's history and culture through the Korea-Japan Youth Exchange, the Korea-China Youth Exchange and the Korea-Vietnam Exchange programs.

During their visits to Korea, delegations are provided with opportunities to attend lectures on Korea, gain firsthand experiences of Korean culture, visit historical sites and cultural attractions, and have in-depth discussions for the enhancement of bilateral relations between their respective countries and Korea. Accordingly, Korean delegations to China and Japan also able to engage in a variety of learning activities in both countries, including lectures on China and Japan, visits to historical and cultural sites, and enjoying exchange activities with local young people, all of which allow our delegations to enhance their understanding of neighboring countries.

Korea-China Youth Exchange

The Korea Foundation has been executing the Korea-China Youth Exchange program to establish a future-oriented Korea-China relationship. The program was established in 2008 after a joint statement was made by leaders of both countries agreeing to expand the scale of youth exchanges between the two countries. In 2009, over 400 Chinese students were invited to Korea in two separate exchange programs and took part in lectures on Korea, visited cultural sites, had discussions with major figures and toured various industrial and environmental sites. Since 2010, there have also been annual visits to China by Korean delegations of about 100 participants. We expect this exchange between Korea and China to become stronger in 2014 as well.

Korea-Japan Youth Exchange

Born out of the 5th Korea-Japan Meeting at the Ministerial Level, the Korea-Japan Youth Exchange program was first established in 1972 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of both countries. In 1992, the Korea Foundation took over directorship of the program and has been striving to strengthen friendship between the two countries by providing opportunities for Japanese university students to broaden their understanding of Korea through various programs, including field trips to major historical and cultural sites, lectures on Korea and exchange activities with Korean university students.

Korea-Vietnam Youth Exchange

In 2014, to lay the groundwork for future networks of friendly relations, the Korea Foundation has newly launched the Korea-Vietnam Youth Exchange Program by inviting 40 Vietnamese young people to Korea. Through this program, Vietnamese delegations are provided with opportunities to access and experience the Korean economic development experience as well as agricultural knowledge.