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The Korea Foundation operates a continuous and systematic channel for dialogues with major countries in the world. These forums aim to develop future-oriented, cooperative relationships via the promotion of international understanding of Korea and the formation of a human resources network, connecting opinion leaders throughout Korea and the world. The Foundation's bilateral forums provide the leaders of government, finance, media, academia, culture and the arts from participating countries with opportunities to discuss matters of common interest, build a platform for friendship and cooperation, and reach mutual understanding.

Forums by Country
Forums by Country
Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Forum Korea-Australia Dialogue
Korea-Brazil Forum Korea-Canada Forum
Korea-China Forum for the Future Korea-EU Forum
Korea-France Forum Korea-Germany Forum
Korea-India Forum Korea-Indonesia Forum
Korea-Italy Forum Korea-Japan Forum
Korea-Japan Journalists' Dialogue Korea-Russia Forum
Korea-Singapore Forum Korea-Spain Forum
Korea-U.S. Forum Korea-UK Forum for the Future
Korea-Vietnam Forum for the Future