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KF-KOSSDA Social Science Data Service


The Korea Foundation, in cooperation with the Korean Social Sciences Data Archive (KOSSDA), offers free access to the KOSSDA online social sciences database for Korea-related students and research specialists.

Eligible Users

Korea-related students enrolled at universities, research specialists affiliated with leading research institutes, media professionals, and relevant individuals are eligible to access the KOSSDA database, after completing the Foundation’s registration requirements.

KOSSDA Database

All content of the KOSSDA database (Korean and English materials) is available for viewing by registered users.
The KOSSDA database includes a vast range of Korea-related materials on the social sciences, in regard to Korea’s politics, economics, sociology, psychology, and culture.

Registration Process

Open the KF website -> Log-in or Create an account -> Open the KF-KOSSDA Social Science Data Service site -> Click Go to KOSSDA to fill out an application form -> KF Approval
Approved users can access the KOSSDA database from the KF website by clicking the menu on the right or by clicking the “Go to KOSSDA” link at the bottom of this page.

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