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From the Infinite to the Center

Date 2016-09-23 Event period 2016-10-07 ~ 2016-10-26 Read 1465

From the Infinite to the Center/Transmorphed Realities – The Abdication of the Visual Realm /2016. 10. 7. - 10. 26/KF Gallery

From the Infinite to the Center

The Korea Foundation and the French Embassy in Seoul present an exhibition From the Infinite to the Center, to commemorate 130th year of Korea-France diplomatic relations.
As one of the leading countries in Western Europe, France includes various exterior territories that are home to a variety of unique cultures. Through the works of Jocelyn Akwaba-Matignon, an artist from the island of Guadeloupe, an insular region of France in West Indies, the visitors can glimpse a part of France that is wholly different from the typical images of France or Paris.
Although Matignon’s artworks explore individual identity within a multicultural society, he reveals universal truths that can appeal to all people. The exhibition will hopefully inspire the visitors to reflect upon their perceptions of diversification and our individual sense of self.

전시작품 일부


Jocelyn Akwaba-Matignon

Jocelyn Akwaba-Matignon was educated in the fine arts in France. Thereafter, he has been working with various natural substances, such as sand from the forests of Nantes, in order to depict the “Earth’s Spirit.” Ameridian (American Indian) knowledge, the Mayan vision of the universe, and the nature of France have served as the source of his artistic inspiration, while his study of the origin of mankind are combined with his multicultural influences and realities. Based on his extensive research, he has come to conclude that all people are “one,” transcending differences in appearances, cultures, and centuries.


2016. 10. 7 – 10. 26
Closed on Sundays

Artist Talk

2016. 10. 7 (Fri) 7 PM / KF Gallery
Meet with the Artist: Mr. Jocelyn Akwaba-Matignon



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