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Sri Lanka: A Treasure Island of Music and Dance

Date 2017-05-02 Event period 2017-05-19 ~ 2017-05-19 Read 1389

Special Performance in Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Sri Lanka and the Repubic of Korea / Sri Lanka: A Treasure Island of Music and Dance by Ravibandu Vidyapathy / 2017.5.19(Fri) 8:00pm / KB Haneul

Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations
between Sri Lanka and the Repubic of Korea

Sri Lanka: A Treasure Island of Music and Dance
by Ravibandu Vidyapathy

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and Sri Lanka, the Korea Foundation and the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul jointly present Sri Lanka’s top choreographer and percussionist, Ravibandhu Vidyapathy, and a traditional Sri Lankan art troupe.

The performance under the title of “Sri Lanka – The Treasure Island of Dance and Music” features a feast of traditional Sri Lankan drums and dances, encompassing the country’s history, religions, myths and art. Ravibandhu Vidyapathy and his ensemble stage a mysterious and passionate performance of traditional Sri Lankan music and dance, including Kandyan Raksha, Vannam, Krishna, and Salu Paliya.

Ravibandhu Vidyapathy

Ravibandhu Vidyapathy is one of the best Sri Lankan choreographers and percussionists.
Renowned as an outstanding drummer, he is a skilled performer of various drums of Southeast Asia, traditional drums of northern India, percussion instruments usually used in Hindustani music, such as pakkawaj and tabla, and, above all, Kandyan drums.
Rather than focusing on traditional Sri Lankan music alone, Vidyapathy frequently creates experimental pieces, drawing on his extensive musical knowledge to combine different forms of music and a multitude of percussion instruments. Such works include Orpheus, Romeo and Juliette, Prometheus, and Macbeth.


Swasthi 스와스티

스와스티는 강렬한 북소리와 다양한 전통악기가 만들어 내는 음악과 무용수들의 날렵하고 박력 넘치는 움직임, 더불어 여성 무용수의 화려한 의상과 부드러운 율동이 조화를 이루는 작품이다.
It’s characterized by the harmony found in its intense drum sounds, music by various traditional instruments, swift and dynamic dance moves, and female dancers’colorful costumes and tender routines.

Naga Raksha 나가 락샤

스리랑카 저지대의 전통적인 가면 춤인 나가 락샤는 코브라 악마의 포악함을 표현하는 춤이다.
Traditional mask dance in low country style depicting the ferocity of the Cobra Demon.

Gajaga 가자가

코끼리의 움직임을 형상화한 캔디지역 춤의 하나로, 전통적인 바남 노래를 배경으로 하여 춤을 추는 작품이다.
Movements of the elephant. Kandyan dance based on a traditional Vannam song.

Geta Bera 게타 베라

게타 베라는 세 명의 캔디 북 연주자들이 스리랑카 전통의 복잡한 리듬과 음률을 북을 통해 표현한다.
Kandyan drum trio, displaying the virtuoso techniques and intricacies of traditional rhythms.

Krishna 크리슈나

크리슈나는 창작된 춤으로, 힌두교의 신, 크리슈나가 신도들과 함께 춤을 추는 것을 표현한 작품이다.
Krishna , A creative dance. The Hindu god Krishna dancing with devotees.

Thelme 텔메

텔메는 스리랑카 저지대의 전통 춤으로, 곡예에 가까운 무용적 요소와 강렬한 춤이 특징이다.
Traditional dance from the lowland of Sri Lanka. It is characterized by almost acrobatic dance elements and passionate moves.

Macbeth 맥베스

거장 라비반두가 현대의 맥베스 발레를 각색한 부분 중, 세 마녀들과의 만남을 소개한다.
Modern ballet Macbeth adapted by virtuoso Ravibandhu. A scene of meeting of three witches is put on stage for tonight’s performance.

Salu Paliya 살루 파리야

살루 파리야의 춤(의식)은 고대에 사람의 몸을 아프게 하는 원인을 치유하는 18가지의 의학적 의식 중 하나이자, 귀신을 쫓는 12가지 춤 중 하나로 행해졌다.
The salu paliya is one of 18 healing rituals, or sanni yakuna, based on the belief that certain sicknesses of body and mind are due to malevolent influences of demons and can be cured by driving out the demon responsible for such affliction through ritualistic dancing.

Mayura 마유라

캔디 지역 춤으로 화려하고 현란한 공작새의 움직임을 표현하는 춤이다.
This is a dance performed in the region of Kandy, portraying the movement of the colorful and splendid peacock.

Bheri Nada 베리 나다

전통적인 네 가지의 스리랑카 북과 춤을 융합하여 역동적인 리듬을 표현하는 ‘베리 나다’에서는 스리랑카의 다양한 타악기를 폭 넓게 활용하고 있다.
Expressing dynamic rhythms through the combination of four traditional Sri Lankan drums and dance, bheri nada extensively uses a multitude of Sri Lankan percussion instruments.

* Program is subject to change without advance notice. (Total duration: approx. 90 minutes)


May 11, 2017 [2:00 pm] – May 15, 2017 [6:00 pm]
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May 16, 2017 [3:00 pm]
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