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The KF Global Challengers Program provides opportunity and inspiration for the youth of Korea so that they can acquire the international mindset and workplace experience needed to advance onto and succeed in the global arena as next-generation leaders. Based on its extensive network of international exchange and cooperative activities, the Korea Foundation offers the next-generation talents of Korea a chance to gain real-life work experiences at leading research-policy institutes, museums, libraries, universities, and international organizations in order to reinforce and advance their professional careers.

• KF Think-Tank Internship
• KF Museum Internship
• KF Library Internship
• KF Korean Language Education Internship


The KF Think Tank Internship Program provides Korean graduate students and junior researchers with the opportunity to serve as an intern or visiting junior researcher at prominent policy-research institutions. KF dispatches interns/junior researchers to the following host institutions to provide international exposure for Korea’s leaders of tomorrow.
Think Tank interns are required to possess analytical capability along with a strong technical, scientific, or field background in a particular area.


The KF Museum Internship Program enables young art specialists from Korea to acquire real-life work experience at institutions abroad for the advancement of their professional careers. Thus far, this museum internship program has proven to be an effective means of providing young Korean art professionals with valuable hands-on experiences at prominent museums abroad. The Foundation intends to steadily expand this program in order to offer more global experiences for the next generation of Korea’s art specialists.
Museum interns are required to be young potential or junior-level professionals, (including curators) who have a MA degree or higher, with a personal commitment to pursuing a museum-related career.


The KF Library Internship Program is designed to provide meaningful work experience and related opportunities at prestigious libraries abroad to selected interns from Korea. Young Koreans are provided with a chance to upgrade and advance their professional careers as librarians who specialize in Korean Studies and library science.
Library interns are required to have a BA degree or higher in library and information sciences, together with an adequate level of English language competency.


The KF Korean Language Education Internship Program is designed to support Korean language education at overseas universities, which provide Korean language courses on a regular credit basis, through the dispatch of graduate students or junior lecturers who have majored in Korean language education. The program also provides the interns with an opportunity to acquire hands-on experiences of Korean language education in an overseas environment.
Korean language education interns are expected to be currently enrolled in a graduate-level degree program of Korean language education as a foreign language or an equivalent academic area with relevant teaching experiences.