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KF Public Diplomacy Program

Program Outline

In order to contribute to strengthening public diplomacy capacities and increasing awareness of public diplomacy, the Korea Foundation implements the KF Public Diplomacy Program with the participation of the general public of Korea. This program provides support to public diplomacy projects voluntarily organized by Korean citizens, and provides young Koreans with a basic education on public diplomacy and opportunities to experience public diplomacy through youth camp activities designed for the younger generation.

Target Group

Korean citizens, young adults (in their 20s- and 30s, including foreign residents in Korea), and high school students interested in public diplomacy

Program Details

Program Details
Title KF Public Diplomacy Projects KF Young Public Diplomatic Corps KF Public Diplomacy Youth Camp
Target Projects / Participants Public diplomacy projects organized by Korean citizens Young adults in their 20s- and 30s interested in public diplomacy High school students (recommended by principals)
Period From confirmation of participants until December From confirmation of participants until December July to August (3 days)
Summary Support provided to public diplomacy projects planned and organized at home and abroad by Korean citizens Teams organized under specific themes to implement public diplomacy activities for foreign residents in Korea Education and activities organized to strengthen youngsters’ public diplomacy capabilities and experience
Support Amount Up to 20,000,000 won (pre-tax) per project Up to 2,500,000 won (pre-tax) per team All expenses for participating in the youth camp
Major Activities - Support for public diplomacy projects
- Orientation
- Basic education on public diplomacy (4 times a year)
- Meeting for final report
- Support for public diplomacy activities by team
- Orientation (2 days)
- Basic education on public diplomacy (4 times a year)
- Meeting for final report
-Overseas projects (for outstanding members)
-Education on public diplomacy
-Visit to relevant institutions
-Activities to obtain public diplomacy experience
Selection Process Applications accepted via the KF Online Application System

KF Public Diplomacy Program in 2018

KF Public Diplomacy Program in 2018
Category Title of Project/Team Outline
KF Public Diplomacy Projects Hangeurina Ethiopia’s Korean War veterans and their families were photographed and a consequent photo exhibition was organized.
CK-Crew A video on Korea in English and Chinese was produced and distributed.
Vates Consort A concert of Baroque music, featuring a chaconne in a Korean style, was performed in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, the birthplace of seafarer and writier Hendrick Hamel.
Rubber Shoes Launched By a Dwarf Activities were organized to improve narrow paths to primary schools in Malawi and offer education on Korean economic development.
Snumerica A one-day cultural cafe was opened in Peru to enable local people to enjoy traditional Korean food, drinks and games.
Art and Disaster Various activities were organized in earthquake disaster areas in Nepal, including fixing toys for child victims, hosting of a contemporary dance workshop with the participation of Korean choreographers and Nepali students in refugee camps, and offering of education on using 3D printers
Korean Cuisine (Món ăn Hàn Quốc) Activities to introduce Korean food were organized in Vietnam. They included a pop-up store offering Korean food, a cooking class and a photo exhibition.
Warm Hands Art education programs and teaching plans were developed for Malaysian primary school students with autism and developmental disorders. An arts and cultural workshop for people living with disabilities and a consequent exhibition were also organized.
Yalla Salam Arabic versions of Korea children’s books and CDs were produced and distributed in Jordan. Other activities were also organized to provide kindergartners and primary school students with Korean children's stories and introduce traditional Korean culture to them.
KF Young Public Diplomatic Corps KF Salon Lectures and tours were arranged on the theme of humanities, IT, history and diplomacy.
JMT Korea Korean food tasting events and cooking classes were organized.
Gangbyeonchiru (Seven Friends by the Riverside) Korean paintings were introduced to Latin American students studying in Korea.
Korea Festival Various events were organized to enable people to experience a downtown festival and holiday culture.
Begin Again A culture tour was organized on the theme of Korean music from past to present
Pleasant Life, Righteous Life Social media activities were organized to help resolve difficulties experienced while living in Korea.
Atti Prism A tour of a downtown area in harmony with nature was provided.
Nori A festival of traditional Korean culture was organized.
KODY Lectures on K-beauty and trial events were organized.