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Logo Application

The Public Diplomacy Academy logo must not be altered in any way and its aspect ratio must be maintained at all times.


The logo is provided in a Korean and an English version. Use only one version at a time.

KF Public Diplomacy Academy logo

Clear space

The logo should always have a minimum amount of clear space left around it on all sides. The grey KF logos placed on all sides indicate the adequate spacing.

KF Public Diplomacy Academy logo

Minimum size

The logo must always be legible, even when used at small sizes. The height of the logo should be no less than 9 mm for the Korean version and 13 mm for the English version.

Color Palette

The primary color of the KF Public Diplomacy’s logo is brown. Additional colors (black and white, gray) are also provided for use.

KF Public Diplomacy Academy logo Additional colors: BLACK-C0/M0/Y0/K100 (R0/G0/B0) #000000, BROWN-C80/M95/Y100/K0 (R84/G53/B50) #543532, GRAY-C0/M0/Y0/K50 (R160/G160/B160) #999999

Download the logo


English  black and white file DownloadEnglish  brown file DownloadEnglish  gray file Download


Korean  black and white file Download Korean  brown file DownloadKorean  gray file Download